The Sleds

Yucca Surf Design is stoked to offer a wide variety of boards designed for a wide range of conditions and rider styles, while always remaining focused on high performance elements in every design that push the limits of conventional shaping. Whether you’re looking for a summer groveler, or a big wave step-up, you’ll always be surprised by the little bit extra you get from each board that you weren’t expecting!At Yucca Surf Design, we are just so pumped by what we do - let us make you an awesome weapon for your quiver!

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Innovative Technology

CamberFlex (Pat. Pending) can be summed up nicely by the phrase, "simplicity is bliss". It's a simple concept that has far reaching possibilities and endless options for controlling the flex in your surfboard! It's stringers, on an angle! Change the degree, or number of plies, and you change where and how your surfboard flexes. This is a first ever in the surfboard industry, and you truly need to ride one to appreciate how this technology will advance your surfing!

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Custom Boards

If you have a special set of specs in mind, or want a consult on a board to suit your unique needs, or just want to have a beautiful board that is one-of-a-kind, Yucca Surf Design specializes in professional custom designs for all surfers. Using specialized software and years of experience, we will work with you to design and create a most excellent ride. We promise you'll be stoked! At Yucca Surf, we don't do pop-outs; every board is guaranteed hand crafted from start to finish.

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